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Copy Writing
Copy Writing is the ability to sell with words using direct response marketing techniques for your lead generation or sales campaign

Copy writing is the all important thread that connects your products and services with your prospects and makes the sale.

Don't ever expect the public to appreciate your product the way you do. Or that the world will flock to your door no matter what copywriter you hire.

You should view the copywriter as a hired gun, the one who brings in the money for your accountant to count. The one expert that has "Cracked the Code" to getting you more leads and sales, who stands in the shadows doing your "Behind the Scenes" work to make you money.

Copy writing is salesmanship in print. The art of selling using the written word.

We use emotional direct response copy writing in all our marketing to give our clients the greatest chance of a positive return on their investment.

This includes:

·         Direct mail letters and postcards

·         Video Sales Letters

·         Online advertising and Print advertising

·         Sales pages/ Opt in pages/ Up-sell Pages

·         Email campaigns

·         Complete lead generation marketing campaigns

Do you want a complete lead generation marketing system to provide your business with a constant flow of new customers or clients?

Do you have a list of prospective or past clients that you want to bring back into your business to generate more money?

Have you bought or compiled a list of your ideal customer or client and you want a marketing campaign to make them beg you to take their money?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place. Our lead generation and sales copy writing, will fill your sales funnel using marketing campaigns that are proven and guaranteed for any type of business.

When we build a marketing campaign for you, your message will cut through the clutter and distraction your prospects are bombarded with everyday. Your message will be heard above all the noise by those it is intended for. We zero in on your target like a sniper, so when your prospect sees your marketing, they know it is for them, speaking directly to help them solve a problem.

This is what lead generation marketing is all about. Sending the right message to the right market using media that will gain their attention and make them stop and take notice.

Ok. So you want to know exactly what is included in our fill your sales funnel, lead generation marketing campaign.

First thing we need to do is understand your business, who your ideal customer or client is and the type of marketing campaign you have in mind.

Are you targeting a cold list or are you re-engaging your current list?

We do this by having an initial 15-minute phone consultation with Mick Kenny, the owner of Accelerated Business Marketing.

Once we have had a chat and gained a better understanding of your desired outcome we will recommend some, or all, of the following marketing strategies:

A lead generation advertisement. This can be an ad for print such as a newspaper or magazine. It can also be an ad for online pay per click such as Facebook or Google ads. If your campaign requires both print and online we will do both.

Three direct mail long form sales letters and a final call postcard to a postal list you have on file. This can be a list of prospects that have inquired about your business or a list of past customers you want to engage back into your business. This is also used for a bought or rented list of your ideal customers or clients you want to do business with. Combined with targeted online pay per click advertising, direct mail is still the best performing marketing strategy.

If you have email addresses for your prospects we will compile an email sequence to run in conjunction with the direct mail.

A free information report to use as a gift. This is to entice the prospect to opt into your offer. The report will be an educational product to sell your expertise to the reader. We will write the report and provide the cover graphics for you. This can be digitally sent in a pdf file or printed and sent in a physical form for more impact. You may choose to supplement the report with a DVD, book, online recording or any other form of educational material.

Video Sales Letter. VSL's have been proven to create more engagement than a standard video or copy alone. The reason being that people will read along to the narrative as well as listen which connects with two learning receptors. Visual and auditory. 

Landing page and thank you page design and written for you to place on your website or sales page host. The job of the landing page is to do one thing and one thing only. If not done properly your opt ins will fail.

Follow up email sequences to prospects that have opted in to receive your free information. These emails are written to build rapport with the reader, showing your expertise and inviting them to take the next step in your sales funnel. This is generally to come in to your place of business for a consultation or to buy your special offer.

Follow up direct mail letters or a series of postcards to invite the prospects to take the next step in the sales process. These work in conjunction with the follow up email sequence.

Other options that can be included are:

A low-cost offer after the first opt in page to generate immediate revenue. This will require its own page and possibly another sequence of emails depending on the purchase and your business type. This is often referred to as a Trip wire.

An editorial to be sent out to media outlets. Depending on the type of business and the offer, the media release can boost your business profile dramatically.

Every marketing campaign we build for our clients provides a customized solution to their lead generation or sales funnels. Your investment will depend on the complexity of the campaign.

To start on your journey to filling your sales funnel and creating more profit for your business, fill in your details below and we will contact you shortly to discuss your project and your investment options.



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