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Copy Writing
Copy Writing is the ability to sell with words using direct response marketing techniques for your next lead generation or sales campaign.
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"If I Could Show You A Guaranteed Way To Generate An Extra $20,000 To $100,000 A Month, Would You Be Interested?"

Imagine How Your Business Would Look, If You Had Marketing Systems That Consistently Filled Your Sales Pipeline With Qualified Prospects, Every Single Month.

Not only that, these new prospects are already pre-sold on your business and are ready to purchase.

* No more hard selling using out-dated sales techniques.

* No more dealing with unqualified leads who want to srew you down on price.

* No more lean months in the sales column just consistent profits.

A message from Mick Kenny,

Welcome to Accelerated Business Marketing.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself, attract qualified leads and generate large volumes of sales efficiently and effectively using both online and offline marketing strategies, even if you have never built a sales funnel, written an ad or sent an email before.

You see, as the business owner, it is you who puts your ass on the line everyday trying to build the business. Not your employees, friends or well-wishers.

If you get your marketing wrong, your business will end up in the financial bodybag, your account obliterated and those bastards that talk behind your back will be revelling in your downfall.

I am a  direct response marketing copy writer that specialises in coaching and creating lead generation marketing systems, sales copy and follow up campaigns for professional service businesses and entrepreneurs.

In short, I give your business the unfair advantage to creating massive profits in under 12 months.

Copy writing is all about selling, using emotional triggers to lead the prospect to the sale. This can typically be in the form of a sales letter, email campaign, sales page, advertisement or video sales letter. Your business could be one sales letter away from reaching stratospheric levels.

Your next marketing campaign can include multiple strategies and multiple steps to nurture your leads down the slippery slope you want them to take, resulting in the sale. I can help you with that.

To discuss how to make your next marketing campaign successful using my copy writing services, click on the Copy Writing banner above.

If you want to step behind the curtain and learn the secrets of writing your own great copy and receive marketing coaching on a month by month basis with me personally, my Diamond level membership is where to go.

If you are already a successful business owner and you want to take it to the next level, apply for my Platinum membership.

Select from the three services above to discover how I can help your business grow or click on the contact button at the bottom of the page  and I will reply within 24 hours.

Mick Kenny is the owner of Accelerated Business Marketing. He is an engaging speaker and is available to conduct presentations on tropical islands and resorts at your request.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Accelerated Business Marketing are Australia’s Number 1 Direct Response Copy Writer for Coaches, Consultants and Leading Business Owners.

GREAT REASON #1: Accelerated Business Marketing’s Quality of Workmanship Guarantee: Engage Accelerated Business Marketing for your copy writing project and we GUARANTEE you will LOVE the quality of our work of the finished marketing product and our professionalism and marketing advice. In fact, you’ll be so happy with the results it will have for your business, you’ll want to tell your family and friends! In the unlikely event you’re not 100% happy we’ll edit or completely re-write it free of charge until you are!
GREAT REASON #2: Our On Time or it’s Free Guarantee:

We guarantee to complete your copy ready for review in the specified time or it’s free.

GREAT REASON #3: Accelerated Profit Multiplier Phenomenon (APMP):
Our Unequalled and Industry First Enhanced Benefit Identification Method (EBIM) x Neuro Programming Buyer Control (NPBC) Mass Conversion Process (MCP) results in an explosion of new clients and profits for your business like nothing you've ever experienced before.
GREAT REASON #4: Free marketing advice:
As a marketing copy writer, advice on your strategies and tactics is part of the process so we don’t charge any more for this service.

GREAT REASON #5: The only copy writer in Australia to study the Internet Manifesto and write a similar piece:
The Internet Manifesto is the highest money earning free report to ever be released on the internet. It has multiple layers of sales psychology and NLP practices which helped create a multimillion-dollar coaching business for its author. I am the only known copy writer in Australia to thoroughly study this report and the sequential reports that followed and written a very similar one with success.
GREAT REASON #6: The copy writer who writes for other copy writers:

Other leading copy writers and marketing geniuses like Mal Emery employ Mick to write their marketing and sales copy for theirs and their client’s businesses.

GREAT REASON #7: Longevity in the industry:
With over 15 years’ experience writing sales copy and lead generation marketing for all types of businesses, you can trust the copy we write for you will deliver profitable results.
The Bottom Line is

 Micks Copy Makes You Money It Doesn’t Cost You Money

I should know because he is my own personal copywriter and I entrust him with the task of writing for my personal clients.

Mick has a RARE AND DEEP understanding of how to make words sell.

His thorough knowledge of subtle persuasion and emotional direct response copywriting techniques is why I ONLY trust Mick to write the copy for myself and my clients.

If you want your copy to make you money Mick is your man.                                    

Mal Emery the Original Millionaire Maker

This is Why
I Trust Mick to Write the Copy For My Clients

If you have a transformational product or service and want to make more sales, Mick has the uncanny ability to help you sell more without the risk of appearing salesy and obnoxious.

His deep understanding of how to influence prospects to make a buying decision using emotional direct response copywriting is why I trust Mick to write the copy for my clients.

If you want your articulate your sales message in a way that achieves outstanding results and boosts your bottom line, you’re in safe hands with Mick on your team.

Glen Michaelides CEO The Titans Academy

"Mick did a great job creating a direct sales letter I can send to highly targeted leads. He understood exactly what I wanted to say"
Meaningful Marketing, Victoria, Canada
​If you need copy that makes people line up and buy your products, this is your guy"
Ron Zach, Villavalues
"I posted 282 direct mail letters which brought in 49 new customers on continuity."
Eric King, Kingsway Computers, Gympie Au
"Mick wrote my entire sales funnel for a new product launch. Definately recommend."
Sandra Clayton, Conversion Minded, New Jersey
Mick was fantastic to work with, I had a crazy deadline and he was a champion - we performed miracles!
Cydney O'Sullivan, Celebrity Experts
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